What you can expect

The rugged mountain peaks of Hatta provides an ideal trail for hikers and mountain bikers while the lake formed by the Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountains is a favorite of kayakers and water sport enthusiasts.


Tourist attractions in Hatta

Hatta Dam

Built in the late 1990s, the main Hatta Dam took two years to fill and its water supply is replenished by rainwater during winter emerging flora and fauna. In this modern era, the Hatta Dam has become a playground for thrill-seekers who enjoy going on an adventurous kayak ride.

Hatta Heritage Village

This restored museum has 30 buildings which include watchtowers, forts, a mosque, and reconstructed houses including the local ruler’s house known as Bait Al Wali. This historical site also features artifacts like weapons, instruments, and furnishings. Nearby, you’ll find the Al Sharia Site, a palm tree farm that houses a restored falaj or underground irrigation system.