What you can expect

Fujairah features archeological treasures such as forts, towers, and mosques. It has nice beaches and coastlines that are ideal for different watersports. Its capital, Fujairah City is a commercial hub with tall office buildings, shopping malls, and other commercial sites.


Tourist attractions in Fujairah

Fujairah Museum

A trip to the Fujairah Museum brings the past to life as you explore the different halls that showcase the nation’s ancestral history and heritage.

Al-Bidyah Mosque

Al-Bidyah Mosque, located near the village of Al Bidya is the oldest house of worship in UAE but until this day, the origins of this mosque remain a big mystery.

Fujairah Fort

A visit to the Fujairah Fort, a structure perched on a rocky hill in the old Fujairah region is like going back in time.

Bithna Fort

Built in 1735, the Bithna Fort used to watch over the key routes crossing the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham.

Al Aqah

You can pitch a tent and spend the day at the beach and the night under the glittering stars.

Wadi Wurayah National Park

Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is a great privilege, especially in this day and age when nature sometimes takes a backseat for progress.