Al Taif

What you can expect

Folks who want to escape the heat and humidity especially during summer come to Al Taif to enjoy refreshing air.

Tourist attractions in Al Taif

Taif Souq

Find yourself mesmerized by the colorful sights, enchanting scents, and different textures in the Taif Souq.

Al Gadhi Rose Factory

The Al Gadhi Rose Factory, the biggest rose factory in Taif uses delicate petals to produce rose water, fragrances, and other domestic products.

Al Shafa

Al Shafa stands high and mighty over Al Taif and considered the tallest mountain in the region.

Shubra Palace

Built in 1905 as ordered by Sharif Ali Pasha, Shubra Palace features a Carrara marble interior and beautiful windows and balconies with intricate latticework.