Al Sharqiyah

What you can expect

If you love outdoor adventure, the rugged landscape of Al Sharqiyah is a great go-to place in Oman. With its string of wadis and canyon, this region is perfect for explorers who love the unbridled beauty of nature and the peaceful atmosphere.

Tourist attractions in Al Sharqiyah

Wadi Tiwi

Lush plantations surround the wadi and you’ll find magnificent pools as you head deeper towards the Mibam village.

Wadi Shab

Locals and tourists love to come here for a nature hike and swim in the emerald freshwater pools.

Wadi Hawir

Wadi Hawir’s lush plantations and turquoise pools embraced by towering limestone cliffs can easily take the breath away of any traveler.

7th Hole Cave

The 7th Hole Cave is nestled on Oman’s Salmah Plateau at an altitude of around 1,300 meters.

Snake Canyon

Nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers come here to admire the dazzling tall cliffs, amazing narrow paths, and natural pools.